Plant & Heavy Haulage

Abnormal and normal haulage with loads up to 150 tonne.

At Autoplant, we have a fleet of units and trailers which enables us to offer both a plant haulage service and an abnormal load transport service. Using a combination of loaders, dolly systems and frame trailers, we are able to transport almost anything throughout the UK.

Plant Haulage

Autoplant Ltd are proud to be one of the most experience companies in the East of England for plant transportation. We have undertaken work for many major companies including Liebherr, Rail Freight, Tru Plant and Hatachi etc.

All our drivers are highly trained and skilled with many years experience in the movement of all types of plant including small hand operated forklifts, 360 degree excavators, long reach excavators, dozers and caterpilla’s.

Abnormal Load Haulage

Abnormal load haulage is more than just collection and delivery, it’s all about planning and management to ensure everything is covered from start to finish. Our transport team will coordinate correct routes, special movement orders, permits and escorts so that your load is delivered safely and on time to its agreed destination.


  • STGO – Special types and abnormal loads
  • Up to – 150 tonne
  • Low loader trailer
  • One off’s and contract haulage
  • Local and Nationwide

For further information regarding plant haulage or special type loads contact Michael Green on:

Mobile 07778173625 or Office 01394 461001

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